At G.S. Hardwood Floors Ltd. we are dedicated to bringing our customers the best possible prices on top quality products. If you are interested in any of the products that we retail, you can click on any of the logos on our products page to find out more about any specific company. Read below to find out more about any of the sales, discounts, savings and deals we have going on at the moment.

The savings and deals are separated into three (3) sections for your convenience: General Deals outline deals that are essentially never-ending. These are deals that we offer to all of our customers no matter what. Secondly, we have the limited time only deals. These deals are just what the title says: deals that are around for a limited time only. These are very high quality products that are available for an extremely good price for one reason or another, and these deals are generally on a fixed amount of hardwood so they will disappear fast! Finally, we have the discounted and low stock flooring deals. These deals are usually on discontinued flooring products, and are generally found only in low quantities - which is perfect for finishing up a few rooms in your basement or rental property! Look here if you want decent quality products at rock bottom prices.

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